Protecting your know-how in Monaco

Protecting your know-how in Monaco

Leverage your creativity, protect the exclusivity of your concept and your know-how.

Whether you are a franchisor, creator or investor, we work alongside you to draw up made-to-measure specifications taking into account your objectives, the specific features of your market, your timing and your budget.
We use our exclusive methodology to set up a strategy to identify specific elements, leverage your know-how and give you the legal tools needed to protect
your concept.

We draw up a reverse schedule ensuring that the right actions are taken at the right time, safeguarding your finances.

We offer you a holistic approach to:

  • identify and legally formalise your creation;
  • set up a global protection strategy along three lines: filings, contracts, communication;
  • place legal markers by a Declaration of Originality© or Treaty of Creation©;
  • leverage your innovation and know-how;
  • anticipate the copying of your creative elements that could be detrimental to you;
  • securely duplicate your concept;
  • support you in the follow-up of the development of your concept.