Pre-litigation & Administrative disputes in Monaco

Pre-litigation & Administrative disputes in Monaco

Administrative disputes and pre-litigation

Our strategic approach to support our clients effectively is as follows:

  • keeping fully abreast of Intellectual Property precedents,
  • before being recommended or undertaken, claim actions are always placed in the context of the Trademark Policy in order to keep actions consistent over time
  • actions to be undertaken are in line with the strategy
  • reasoning and anticipating the harmful effects and consequences of actions and inactions
  • defence actions are foreseen and forestalled by searching for the right arguments or winning strategy
  • each action is budgeted for beforehand and the success rate can be evaluated on demand by means of numerical indicators (20%, 40%, 60% or +80%)

Specifically, we send our clients:

  • a detailed note highlighting the legal interest of the action as well as its advantages and challenges
  • an estimate for undertaking the action and a price range for following up the litigation
  • information on procedural time limits and the next steps in the procedure
  • all official documents pertaining to the procedure


Legal action

We are used to working with law firms on following up on court proceedings. If required by our clients, we can help them in choosing a lawyer for any legal action.

Our collaboration can take a number of different forms:

  • reflection and review of the strategy,
  • subject searches,
  • provision of documents,
  • reading of conclusions.