Registering a trademark in Monaco

Registering a trademark in Monaco

Rationalisation financière de vos dépenses et budgets prévisionnels pour la consolidation de vos titres PIConsultation and analysis of your property portfolio

  • Practical opinion and recommendations, based on a given objective
  • Legal auditing of your IP titles
  • Legal optimization of your business and marketing strategy for your major marks
  • Financial rationalization of your expenditures and budget estimates for proper consolidation of your IP titles


Availability searching for legal validation of your projects at local, regional or international level

  • Release strategies
  • Investigations on usage and business information
  • Provision for unfair competition and copyright issues


Registration, renewal and monitoring of trademarks and designs at local, national or international level, disputes

  • Pre-legal actions and negotiations
  • objection actions as claimant or defendant before national and European patent and trademark offices
  • Opening and follow-up of proceeding for the confiscation of works infringing copyrights, at local or regional level.
  • Drafting of contracts and management of licensing, distribution, franchising and other transactions.
  • Support to, and partnering with lawyers, through to the settlement of the dispute