The values of the Law firm Inlex Monaco

The values of the Law firm Inlex Monaco

Proximity and Pragmatism

The proximity relationship with a pragmatic vision that we adopt with our clients enables us to:
-develop a creative approach to files;
-customise our services to your needs;
-manage your portfolio with a dedicated team (1 senior IPC, 1 qualified IP lawyer, and 1 administrative assistant, supervised by 1 IPC partner);
-organise meetings at regular intervals to be defined according to needs;
- to offer online access to files and portfolios via the WEDOOIP© Client Area.

We have the following philosophy for the handling of files:
-incorporation of a practical dimension;
-full commitment to adapt the protection and defence of a trademark, design or other Intellectual Property rights.

In practical terms, we systematically combine practical positioning with legal thinking to reach rational solutions in order to properly allocate spending to the most strategic rights. 

Innovative Management
Inlex is the only firm in the Principality to have software specifically designed for the management of the life cycle of an intellectual property portfolio.

WEDOOIP® software was certified by the French Ministry of Research in 2011. This software is a work tool consisting of three parts:

  • Internal software for file management, for all trademark and design files, domain names, disputes, surveillance, etc. which enables the teams to compile, classify and organise your files, listing all expiry dates to avoid emergency situations;
  • An intuitive, confidential, personal and easily accessible client area for the real-time management of your ongoing files;
  • A dedicated internal platform for the automatic sending of instructions for the filing and renewal of trademarks with our foreign agents to ensure your business is always ready.

This platform is strictly operational and in no way replaces the human relationships we have with our clients, which we value highly.

Proactive Services

  • Quick answers to questions and a commitment on email response time (between 24 and 48 hrs);
  • Telephone availability of the team with a commitment to call back within 24 hrs;
  • Team informed of ongoing files;
  • Several contact persons to answer questions at any time;
  • Availability of the team and the partners to find solutions to urgent issues;
  • Regular telephone meetings to review files;

Anticipation is part of the DNA of the firm and of its staff members.